Still Kicking

Hey all! Well we are still in this pandemic! How are you fairing? At first I was doing okay. I actually enjoyed being home, enjoyed the time with my kids, and enjoyed getting projects done! However, that time has passed! I can hardly stand to be around my kids for an afternoon, my husband is lucky he is not in a ditch somewhere, and I’m tired of DYI projects!

I need to get away! I need some time for myself where I’m not worrying about everyone else and not doing a bazillion chores! I am so over all of this! I definitely could not be a stay at home mom! Kudos to all you stay at home moms! I have no idea how you do it! I just want to find a beach somewhere to quarantine and drink and not worry about other people! Who’s with me?? I know there has to be other moms like me out there! Help a sister out! I need a break from my family like you can’t even imagine!

Did I mention we got a new puppy at the start of quarantine? Do t get me wrong, I love her dearly! But, she is worse than a toddler in timeout! That’s what I get for letting my husband pick out my new dog! When you say your prayers tonight, add me in please! I don’t want to go to jail and I’m at my wits end!! Until next time….keep smiling and going for 10!

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