In the Trenches

Long time, no see! So, in the middle of this pandemic many moms are feeling the heat. I know I am! I feel like I am constantly pulled in all directions! I am teaching from home and making sure to respond to all of my students no matter how small the question or comment. I am making sure my son and stepson are doing what they need to with their high school classes. I am staying on top of my two older sons in college to make sure they have their work done, books returned, registered for next semester, and housing in order.

Not to mention checking on my husband, who is working from home, to make sure he has what he needs. I continue to keep up with the laundry and take care of all 6 dogs and 1 cat. I make sure the dishes are washed, the food is bought, and the trash is taken out. I pay the bills and check the mail.

I am tired. I just want someone to check on me at this point. I want someone to ask if I’m okay. The answer would be no, but I would probably smile and say yes. I need a break. I know there are others that need a break. The worst thing is my kids and husband don’t think I do anything. I wonder what would happen if I really didn’t? Keep your head up and keep swimming! We will make it through!!

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