When Leaders Don’t Lead…

So, I’m an educator. Anyone who knows anything at all about education in today’s world knows that it is a hellish, uphill battle on a weekly basis! I have done this “gifting the young generation with knowledge” thing for 2o years now. I used to love my job. I used to love the time with the kids and those a-ha moments. Even if we had a time where the principal or superintendent were not the best, the kids made it worth it.

Those days are behind me now. I still love to teach! I love to see the kids when they “get” it! I love for them to ask me questions and question what they are learning. This is what makes learning real! Unfortunately, there is so much political pot-stirring and social media faking that education has taken a nose dive. Everyone has an opinion about it. The kids have changed. The parents have changed and aren’t raising the kids right. The teachers are not keeping up with the world. The rule makers have never set foot in an actual classroom. Whatever your opinion, let’s just agree that education is broke and someone needs to fix it!

Now to my current dilemma: the new principal. So, I am on my 4th principal. I have not agreed with every single thing that the past principals have done, but OMG! This lady is something else! It is only October and over half the faculty is ready to quit! This lady is in WAY over her head. She is now the principal of the second largest elementary school in our county and has never had any experience in a leadership position! She refuses to ask anyone for help, the parents are running all over her, and she is extremely rude to the faculty and parents. I honestly don’t know if I will make it through the year! She told a parent today that she thought their kid had OCD! Really?

The true dilemma is that there were several applicants for this position that were way more qualified than our new fearless leader. Unfortunately, our leader had something she could hold over the head of someone higher up. So now, instead of having a new principal to be excited over and new things to learn…….we have her! Our school is doomed! Seriously, whenever I think about it I get the picture of a large plane full of the faculty in a deep nose dive, flames bellowing out from the engines with a trail of smoke. We are crashing and burning! At some point, we all go up in flames!

Oh well, I’m only a few years from retirement. If I can at least make it until May, maybe I can find a new school home. I know many of our faculty are already looking. Another school in our county got a new principal, too. The majority of the faculty love her! She is energetic and brings a vibrance to the school. She throws out new ideas and asks the faculty for theirs. Why couldn’t we get her? People, education is broken and it needs to be fixed! I apologize for the ranting post, but, man do I feel better now! Until next time!

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