Teenager Needs New Home!

You think that I’m kidding! Nope, I’m serious! I have said in the past with my oldest two that when your boy turns about 14-15 years old, you need to find them somewhere else to live. You can get them back at 19 years old. I’m just trying to help you out folks! I love my kids, really I do! I just don’t like them very much during this age.

A lot of people think that girls during the teen years are hard. I absolutely agree! But don’t think boys are just a breeze, either! Boys have those same annoying hormones that make them moody, sullen, and just down right terrors to be around sometimes! Add to that the stinky, smelliness that boys tend to have at this age and you really need to rehome them for a while!

I bet someone could make a fortune if they took in teenage boys during this time and gave them back later! I would pay money! Just let me know how they are and that everything is going as planned! Some of you probably think I am mean or crazy. Have you ever road home with boys after a soccer game? I mean really? I felt like a dog with its head out the window trying to get fresh air so I didn’t die! If you say anything to them about it then you are harassed and made fun of. Sheesh!

Last night, my 15 year old refused to eat dinner, played basketball, and then got mad because I told him to do homework first! “I’m just trying to have a life mom! Why do you have to always to take all the fun away?” What!?! I didn’t say never get a ball and play with it! I didn’t say go dig some ditches! All I said was to do your homework first! I know, I am the epitome of a horrible person and bad mother. Oh well, the older two are still alive!

So really, if you get the opportunity to rehome your teenage boy for a few years, take it and enjoy!

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