Why Touchdowns and Tiaras?

So, you might be wondering why the name Touchdowns and Tiaras for my blog? Or maybe you could really care less! However, you must be a little bit curious if you’re still reading this! If this is your first time to my blog you should go back and read This is me, still growing up! It explains a little about my living situation with 5 teenage boys and a husband, so really 6 teenage boys!

First up, the touchdowns part. We live in the South where football is a second religion! When you meet someone new, the conversation starts with your name, then where you are from, and then what football team you support. The first two items are definitely negotiable, but the last one can make or break a new friendship or relationship around here! I mean, people actually plan their weddings and childbirth around football season, no joke! Anyway, one of our boys actually plays football while the rest of us LOVE football!

Well, almost the rest of us. We do have one who just doesn’t get the allure, my oldest. In fact, when he was about seven years old and we were trying out different sports to find his niche, I asked him about trying football. His response, “Why would I play a sport where people are intentionally trying to hit me the whole time?” Touche! Child = 1 Parent = 0. We moved on to baseball and soccer and finally settled on cross country and track. Yeah, I have no idea what happened and where he got the running gene from because it was not me! In fact, I don’t even run when something is chasing me. I’m more of a shove someone at the thing chasing me and find a jam up hiding spot.

But I digress, the fact is that the majority of us love football (even the runner works at the university bookstore during games) and spend many weekends rooting for our favorite teams and throwing bad vibes at our rivals. So naturally, it seemed that touchdowns was a pretty good title topic.

So now the tiaras. I know what you’re thinking…..the tiaras are for me being the only girl and treated like a queen by all the gentlemen residing in my kingdom. Yeah right!! It’s a great thing that I am half superhero tomboy and half diva princess! When the boys were younger, I spent my days in ninja mode trying to get up and down halls and stairways without being noticed. Many a time a random ball or kid would come flying out of a doorway at me! I have done more than my fair share of wrestling, roughhousing, and practicing various sports outside. However, there are times that I put on that tiara and become the diva princess demanding that all the boys revel in my brilliance of wifedom and motherhood!

Hold on though! There is another tiara in our midst. The middle child, the one I have labeled the drama queen. I did not know that a teenage boy could have so much drama in friendships, girlfriends, clothes, life, etc. But, this boy can give any girl a crash course on drama! He is very egocentric and feels his problems are more important than anything else. For instance, he called my cell phone the other day while I was in the middle of class. I always answer the phone if it’s from my family just in case it is a true emergency. The middle child is the only one that calls for “drama queen emergencies.” I answered, “Son, I’m in the middle of teaching a class of 3rd graders right now.” His response, “I know, but this is really important!” Me: “Ok, what is the emergency?” An entire class of 3rd graders is staring at me like I’m about to get really bad news. Drama child, “Do I need to put water in the iron to use it and what setting do I use to iron my khaki pants?” I give a giant sigh and exaggerated eye roll, “Yes you put water in the iron to use it if you want steam and you put it on cotton to iron your khakis.” Snickering erupts from the classroom. “We are going to have a discussion later about what is defined as important enough to interrupt my class with a call and what is not. Your version of an emergency and the entire world’s are NOT the same!” Drama child, “But mama, sometimes I have to be drippin’ when I go out to class!” “Love you son, goodbye!”, is my response with another eye roll. So yes, the other part of the tiara is in tribute to this drama queen son of mine!

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