Mama, I wanna go fast!!

Teaching kids to drive is on a whole other level! I’m on my 3rd kid learning to drive. I thought I would go crazy with the first one. I thought I would go insane with the 2nd one. I now know I will die with the 3rd one! This kid is literally going to do me in. I’m too young to die! How can one kid just not get it? I really try to remain calm. I try to find ways to make him understand. Unfortunately, he has the teenage hormones that make him think he is the absolute coolest guy to ever get behind the wheel of a car! He doesn’t get that riding that yellow line can cause a head on collision. He doesn’t understand that you can’t take turns at 40 MPH.

Mama, I wanna go fast! Anybody else seen Talledega Nights? My 15 year old thinks that Ricky Bobbly is the epitome of how to drive! What the hell? We are in a country town with a State Trooper post 4 miles from us! You can’t go fast! In fact, if I saw you driving I would think you were drunk the way you sway trying to stay in the lines! It’s been months! Why can’t he get it? I just don’t understand. The other two were at least starting to get it by now. But no, this last one is going to be the one to do me in! Is there a service I can buy to teach him to drive? I’m still looking, because I can’t do this!

Parents, don’t trade in your car for a brand new one right before you start teaching a kid to drive! What was I thinking? If you have driver’s ed at your school, USE IT!! I would give anything for someone else to be going through this right now! I thought I was ready for the last one. I mean, I already taught two how to drive. Unfortunately, this one thinks he is Ricky Bobby and if your not first, your last! God help me!

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