Life with Boys During Football Season

Ok, let’s just start by saying that I love football. I always have. I have been an avid football fan and game watcher since I was just a tyke.

Now that I have married a football fanatic (read: psycho) who has at least one football fanatic (read: psycho jr) offspring, football season has become a whole new world for me. It probably doesn’t help that we root for two opposing teams in the SEC. Anyone who knows football in the SEC knows that it is like a religion. You don’t plan dates, weddings, reunions, or get-togethers during football season. It’s just not allowed.

So, since we have separate teams to cheer for there are guidelines. During his games, I cannot talk about anything important (read: talk at all) and the TV channel does not change. However, during my team’s game anything and everything can be discussed. If there is another game on the channel will be turned numerous times to check scores and plays. Yes, I complain. Yes, they acknowledge that they changed the channel, but it was a time-out or a commercial break ….. Yeah, yeah. Whatever!

I have learned to sit quietly and find other things to occupy me while his game is on and the ESPN app is priceless when I want to see ALL of my game. Guys are great, really. But they transition like werewolves into whole other beings during football season. Maybe I can find enough silver to make it to January!

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